Post-Update Project Underway

(Summer 2019)

A “Post-Update Project” has been underway here at since mid-July, 2019. All posts with an “Updated” line at the beginning have been completed.


    1. The post has been reviewed and edited.
    2. A pdf file download button has been added so that the paper is available with page numbers and footnotes. All posts are Copyright Protected over Creative Commons.
    3. A “Works Cited” page has been added at the end of (most) posts.
    4. All citations to Kant’s works have been changed to the Akademie Ausgabe (AA) convention as follows:

AA indicator, plus Volume #: Page #s (e.g., the Critique of Judgment
citation is AA V: page #(s).

This revision means that the Kant citations are not tied either to a non-Akademie Ausgabe German edition or to a particular English translation. Because the citations to Kant in the posts was most frequently to the Weischedel edition from the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, access to the citations was limited to German readers with access to that edition. This update project allows particularly English readers to find the passages referred to in the notes. The reader will only need to find English translations with The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy Edition page numbers in the columns.

As a translator, I know painfully well that there is no “perfect” translation so that the citation to the Akademie Ausgabe allows the reader to quickly check the original German. Twenty-three volumes of the Akademie Ausgabe are available on-line at

Please share with me any errors that you find! I would deeply appreciate your suggestions at

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