Critical Idealism: A Brief Introduction

Critical Idealism:  A Brief Introduction

Critical Idealism has been out of favor at least since the Vienna Circle imperially proclaimed in the first third of the Twentieth Century that there are no such things as a priori synthetic judgments.  Because that’s what intellectuals in Europe wanted to hear as they turned away both from religious revelation and from Hegel’s spiritual meta-narrative toward the physical world, few (if any) bothered to ask just what an a priori synthetic judgment was – according to Immanuel Kant.  In fact, the Vienna Circle presupposed precisely what it denied. 

Critical Idealism for Beginners

Critical Idealism for Beginners

Just what is so special about Critical Idealism?  Answering this question is no neutral academic exercise because the answer has to do with understanding how to live one’s life.  Critical Idealism is not a system of knowledge that you acquire and apply to living (like accounting knowledge that one applies to balancing the books of a business, mechanical knowledge that one uses to repair cars, medical knowledge that one employs to heal patients, theological knowledge that make it possible for you to know and share the will of God, historical knowledge that tells you what really happened in the past, etc.).  If Critical Idealism isn’t going to give me useful knowledge, then why should I invest my energy in it?

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